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From an early age, Haruka Sakura was made an outcast due to his unconventional appearance and lack of social skills. However, the rough treatment turned him into a proficient fighter, which is now the only thing he prides himself on. Starting at Furin High School, where it is rumored that strength is valued over academics, Sakura has only one goal—taking the top spot. Involved in a street brawl the day before his enrollment, Sakura happens to meet a group of his future schoolmates. Instead of the usual rejection, they fight alongside him, demonstrating that what the school actually cares about is protecting the town of Makochi from any harm—hence why the students call themselves 'Bofurin.' Surprised by the support and appreciation of the townspeople, Sakura has a hard time accepting their goodwill. Though unfamiliar with kindness being shown to him, Sakura must learn to push past his discomfort when Bofurin is pitted against formidable enemies. After experiencing the feeling of acceptance, he finds himself fighting for the sake of others for the first time.
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Action, Adult Cast, Adventure, Anthropomorphic, Avant Garde, Award Winning, Cgdct, Childcare, Combat Sports, Comedy, Crossdressing, Delinquents, Detective, Drama, Ecchi, Educational, Erotica, Fantasy, Gag Humor, Gore, Gourmet, Harem, High Stakes Game, Historical, Horror, Idols Female, Idols Male, Isekai, Iyashikei, Josei, Kids, Love Polygon, Magical Sex Shift, Mahou Shoujo, Martial Arts, Mecha, Medical, Military, Music, Mystery, Mythology, Organized Crime, Otaku Culture, Parody, Performing Arts, Pets, Psychological, Racing, Reincarnation, Reverse Harem, Romance, Romantic Subtext, Samurai, School, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Seinen, Shounen, Showbiz, Slice Of Life, Space, Sports, Strategy Game, Super Power, Supernatural, Survival, Suspense, Team Sports, Time Travel, Vampire, Video Game, Visual Arts, Workplace
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