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Fushigi Yuugi OVA 2

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Genres : adventure, drama, fantasy, romance, historical, isekai, martial-arts
Status : Completed More info
After Tamahome is reborn into the real world as Taka Sukunami, it does not take long until he meets Miaka Yuuki again, leading to their romance blooming once more. However, the appearance of Ren Shigyou—a new student at Miaka's high school—disturbs their blissful days. Resentful of the happy lovers, Shigyou uses his unusual manipulative skills to quickly become popular and rally his classmates against Miaka and Taka. As Shigyou's followers unexpectedly attack the pair, the two end up falling from the school's roof into a red light and are transported to The Universe of the Four Gods realm. Returning to the place where Taka once lived as Tamahome, the couple learns that an evil demon is behind the recent events. To make matters worse, Taka risks disappearing from existence unless he recovers his previous life's memories, which are stored in seven jewels. Joining forces with their former companions, Miaka and Taka embark on a quest against the clock to retrieve the precious stones before it is too late.
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