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Towa no Quon 1: Utakata no Kaben

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Genres : action, sci-fi, supernatural, super-power
Status : Completed More info
Living amongst the rest of humanity, there is a small number of people known as 'Attractors' that possess strange powers. Fearful of these dangerous mutations, a highly secretive organization named Custos uses cyborgs from a group called WTOC to exterminate Attractors before they can injure anyone or disrupt the social order.Conversely, inside the theme park Fantasium Garden, there is a hidden group of Attractors who want to save their people from being eradicated by Custos. Led by the ever-optimistic Quon Mitsuchi, the Attractors take on intense fights against Custos's WTOC in the hopes of protecting the existence of their kind.
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