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Dormant Since Ancient Times: Thrusting Through the Heavens After Coming Into Being

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Genres : action, drama, fantasy, historical, martial-arts, sci-fi, shoujo
Status : Ongoing More info
A hundred thousand years ago, there was a plan set in motion by a figure named Ren Xing. At the crucial moment when the chaos of darkness was about to be defeated, the six mighty Primordial Gods,whom Ren Xing had personally nurtured over countless ages, betrayed him. After his physical body was rendered powerless, he was imprisoned in a desolate realm. Twenty thousand years later, eight powerful Emperor-level experts paid a great price with their lives to rescue Ren Xing’s physical body. They then concealed it for another eighty thousand years. After these eighty thousand years had passed, Ren Xing awakened. Leveraging the elaborate plan set in motion ages ago, he left behind his final legacy in this era, embarking on a journey that would shake the very heavens!
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